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Yardley's 1969 Riviera

I am sooooo sorry it has been so long since I made an update here.
Since my last update I have built a new engine and cured an odd RPM issue.
Go to my new page and read about the updates!

12.94 @ 105 mph!!! 
I'm running solidly in the 12's now!!!!

100_3059-2.jpg (250294 bytes)

                                                                                       newsmilie.gif (977 bytes)  Front Disc Brake Conversion!!!!!!!!!!   newsmilie1.gif (977 bytes)

                                  Well!   Finally!  An INEXPENSIVE Front Disc Brake Conversion is available!  For under $600!!!!!!

                        Carburetor, schmarburetor!  A new ProSystems 950 made all the difference. Worth 2/10ths!

                                           Dyno tuned! 330 HP at the rear wheels on a chassis dyno in September 2006!

                                                                                                  SEE MY NEW INTERIOR!!!!!!!!

Finally!!!  My interior is COMPLETE!   Click on the link above to see the story.

Another new best time!  At the 2006 Englishtown, NJ Muscle Car Eliminations in November I was running so close to the 12's I could TASTE it!  This is the event I won in 2005  The win was sweet because about 20 members of the BPG were in attendance as witnesses!

The addition of a second 200 watt amp to power the front speakers, in conjunction with a now working AC system, a subwoofer   and the MSD ignition, required a re-thinking of my electrical system.  So I switched to a modern alternator.  Go HERE to see the story.

I also had reached the end of my patience with the "hot start" problem I developed after adding headers.   The REAL cure is to switch to a Ford starter solenoid.  It is very easy.   Go HERE to see that story.

I also had a dashboard cover made.   It came out GREAT!  Go HERE for that story.

  Go HERE to read all about what I did to the Riv over the last year.

To see the particulars of my 455 click HERE.

To see some new Riv pics click HERE.

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Welcome!  If this is your 1st time, Hello!  I have put together as much information as I can remember learning during the restoration/rebuilding of my 1969 Riviera.  If you are a return visitor, you might notice that I've added a few more pictures, and some more information I've learned.  I got real lucky and found this car before it was sold to some punk who would soon give up on it.  It is an original New Mexico car and except for a little rust/rot around the usual places - windshield/rear window channels, lower fenders and lower rear quarter panels, it is a super-solid car.   Every time someone crawls under it I hear comments about how the floor and trunk appear new.

I urge EVERY auto enthusiast to visit the following webpage to learn and share knowledge about Buicks:

************** http://www.v8buick.com   **************

This page is a free, open forum Bulletin Board for sharing information and camaraderie amongst Buick enthusiasts.

Also, I urge every car enthusiast (Buick or otherwise) to join the Buick Performance Group car club.  As opposed to some other car clubs, we are run BY the members, FOR the members.  This is a brand new club, and we are interested in all ideas to better the club and our experience within it.

Also, if you need work done on any Buick parts, and the shipping costs are not prohibitive, I suggest sending the parts to:
Jim Weise at Tri-ShieldPerformance or Jim Burek at PAE Enterprises
Items like distributors, heads, engine balancing and such can all be sent out and the results will be perfect.

Also,  please visit our club's website  http://www.buickperformancegroup.com


                   1966 and up upholstery kits are now available!  See the story...

                   1963 to 1973 Front disk brake conversion kits are now available!   See The Story...

                   1966 to 1970 door seals and other rubber is now available! 
Call Mels Old Car Supply at 613-966-7252

                    1969 - 1970 Direct bolt-in replacement Hi-Output fuel pumps are available!  
See The Story...

I must thank my good buddy Shawn McCarthy.  He helped with all phases of this project, and did a superb job of spraying the basecoat/clearcoat in the makeshift cleanroom I built in my garage.  Also thanks to my brothers Dave and Bob, and to my dad for their efforts as well.

 Among the pages here:

There is a page of Restoration Tips that took me over 3 years to learn.  It is a listing of what I did, how I did it, things that worked, things that didn't and the trial and error mistakes I made that may help you in your restoration.

There is also a page of suppliers I've used as well.  If you have a parts supplier you like, email me their info and I'll add it to the list.

There are pictures of my 1969 Buick Riviera from before and after my current restoration, as well as links to some interesting car and music sites.   Have fun and stop back soon!

I have had a dream come true!  My Riv appears in the June 2001 issue of Hot Rod Magazine!  What a thrill.  Here is the clip:

hot rod2.jpg (65767 bytes)

hotrod pic2.jpg (35157 bytes)

The editors took some artistic license with the information I provided them.  I did NOT purchase the car in New Mexico, I said it originally came from New Mexico.   Also, by now the Poston intake and cam are gone, and the Pertronix has given way to MSD.  The rear is now a 3.42 posi.

My car can also be seen in the March 2001 issue of Popular Hot Rodding.  Here is the clip:

Phr.jpg (75420 bytes)


Email me at yardley@1badriv.com .  And remember, NO SPAM!

Thanks for stopping by!


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