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This has been the most neglected page here.   However, I feel a sense of duty to place links here to some very important Buick websites.

If you know of any more links you think others might enjoy, email it to me and I'll put it up here.  My email address is jholthenrichs@comcast.net.

Buick Links

http://www.v8buick.com - The best BB around for free exchange of auto knowledge and just good camaraderie.

http://www.buickperformancegroup.com - The BPG is a new car club, and certainly one that has made a major impact in the Buick community.  We tend to hang out at www.v8buick.com, but this is the main page of the club.

http://www.stage1registry.com - Anybody with an original Stage1 car (with or without your original motor!), please join this registry.  It is free and there is no sharing of personal user information.   The purpose of the registry is to document all surviving cars, in addition to comparing various original colors/options. It’s important we keep an historical record.

http://www.buicknailhead.com - Dedicated to hot rodding and restoring Buick Nailhead engines.  A MUST for any owner of a 63 - 66 Riviera.

Riviera Owners Association - The club dedicated to the restoration and preservation of the Riviera. Homepage of the ROA.

R.O.A.Links - Buick Riviera links.  Instead of adding a ton of sites to my page, here is a link right to a great list of Riviera sites.  Many sites listed here are member's sites.   Visit and enjoy!

http://www.buickgsca.com   Site of the Buick GS Club of America. The webpage of the GS Club of America.

http://www.buickstreet.com - A great Buick site from Down Under!

http://www.trishieldperf.com - Tri Shield Performance is among the best Buick shops in the world.  Jim Weise has graciously built the v8buick.com BB for us for free, and answers many questions freely, while turning out perfect race cars and frame-off resto's.


Car and Fun Links

http://www.joewalsh.net - Joe's own web page.  Figures.  He loves this kind of stuff.  That is his picture from his So What album as wallpaper here.

http://www.myclassiccar.com/cover.html - Hemming's Motor News and My Classic Car web page.  The have all their cars and parts for sale listed on the web.  Why pay for the book?

http://www.brianwilson.com - The genius of The Beach Boys shines here.

Tire size calculator - A neat tool to view and compare tire sizes for your personal ride.

http://www.gr8ride.com - Affiliated with Popular Hot Rodding.



http://www.hotrodarchives.com The website for every issue of Hot Rod magazine since day 1.  $1.99 to purchase an article.  Once purchased it can be downloaded to your harddrive and read.  Most are available for downloading/viewing within 24 hours.

Here is a link to a page with a 1/4 mile calculator, a horsepower calculator and other fun stuff: http://www.evotuners.com/infod.htm

Auto Restorer On-Line - THE site for auto restoration.  Q&A bulletin board and sooo much more.  I'm on it nearly every day.

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