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Well, what started out in February as asking for help on the v8Buick.com bulletin board when a simple head/intake swap and the addition of headers, turned into a 10 week, 1,000 mile detour where many very cool people showed up at my house and turned my corner of the world into a car show/bench race/wrenchin'/beer bash!   For those of you unfortunate enough to miss it - and always wondered what some of us look like - here are some pictures from the many rolls of film I snapped.

The day dawned grey.  But by 8AM the sun was beaming and we were enjoying the day! Zach came in his really cool '73 deuce and a quarter.  Al's GSX was the talk of the neighborhood; 3 neighbors came to me within 2 days and all commented about "that black GSX".  Just hearing his exhaust echo as he screamed down the road while he was giving joy rides was a thrill.  AH!  What a sound!  Tim Moore brought his sweet convertible.  Paul Manuel came in his 72 350 Skylark convertible to have Al setup the carb and recurve the distributor.  The paint must be seen in person to really appreciate it!  And then there's Doug Updike's car.   What can you say about a 1965 GS convertible with buckets and a console?  A rolling piece of history that's just reet.

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     How Big Jim?                        Yup.It's a motor.             Is that a Chevy 350?          Al's GSX Clone         Al Fiandaca, Larry70GS,   Jim Weise and Larry70GS     Tim Moore's GS
                                                                                                                                                       Gene Guarnere, Paul Manuel

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            Doug Updike's 1965 GS - convertible, buckets, console 401 nailhead              Recurving Paul's Distrib.         Bench Racing         Zach owns a sweet '73 225          wrenchin'

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      Paul Manuel, Al Fiandaca    Degreeing the cam           Beer.  Well, duh!          Zach Liberman and my youngest brother Kurt look for tips on Kurts '86 442       Paul's Beautiful Paint!

gsx3.jpg (90502 bytes)
Need we say more?

1st Annual BPG Picnic

On August 17, 2002, Duane Heckman had a "picnic".  He invited any BPG members who wanted to attend.  He thought he was going to have a few people show up.   Well, WAYYYY over 50 people showed up, and an estimated 25+ cars were in attendance.  His street was lined from stop sign to stop sign with glistening Buick metal!  Here are the pics I took.   I will add more when I get them.
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