Riviera Pictures

 Here are some new photos of the Riv.  

Here is a link to new pics of my speaker installation and rear sway bar.

You'll notice the different (read: larger) tires front and rear, and the new aluminum wheels.  Here is my 13.82 run at Englishtown, NJ on 8/31/03.
etown race solo.jpg (39754 bytes)

Here is the gent I was racing, Alan Wander.  Alan's car ran a 12.8.  I got him off the line and to half track, where he swiftly flew by me:
etown race alan.jpg (45877 bytes)

Here is a shot of your's truely prepping at Englishtown:
etown yardley.jpg (65434 bytes)

and another:
carshow.jpg (134446 bytes)

Here are some new pics with the new wheels:
newriv1.jpg (160308 bytes)

I dusted this Grand National 13.88 to a 14.57.  Tree'd him with a .624 light vs. his 1.109!
etown launch1.jpg (73274 bytes)

Here are some more.  Click on the thumbnail to view the full pic:
newriv5.jpg (140798 bytes) newriv3.jpg (167246 bytes) newriv4.jpg (150836 bytes) newriv2.jpg (146177 bytes)

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The next two pictures here were taken at its 1st car show in Sept 2000.  I had just painted it 5 days earlier and my brother Dave and I buffed it until 10PM the night before the show.  I won 1st place in my category.  It never looked better.   I was so proud of the comments lookers paid me.  Most commented on the flip-down headlights and floating console shifter.  All agreed it looked great!  Nearly every part of this car has been replaced or repaired.  I replaced the 3.07 posi rear with a 3.42 posi out of a 69 Riviera GS in January 2001.  The change was instant and dramatic! I went 3/10ths of a second and 3 MPH faster in the quarter mile.   The suspension has been lowered 1" all around.  I was running a Holley 750 on an unported Edelbrock B4B manifold with an HEI out of a 76 Riv and a Lunati 33302 cam with a double roller timing set. I have since switched to a bored 455, a Jet Performance-built Holley 855 and a TA cam.  I've also added ported and polished Stage1 heads, a converted electronic ignition (tossed the HEI) and a ported B4B intake.  The power is unreal.  It literally pulls like a freight train.  I have ZERO traction!  A PAE race trans provides 2nd and 3rd gear tire chirps.

rf8.jpg (19436 bytes)

rr7.jpg (17449 bytes)

New aluminum Poston S-Divider intake manifold (since swapped out for a series of  Edelbrock B4B manifolds) and custom Buick chrome air cleaner.  These pictures were taken before the ill-fated HEI swap as well.  The 430 engine was rebuilt just days before this picture was taken.  Note how the engine bay shines...

430chrome1.jpg (45497 bytes)

This was my first attempt at detailing an engine.  Looked fantastic.  All stock.  All original components, just repainted and cleaned up.   Amazing what some hard, tedious work and spray cans of paint can accomplish!   Compare this to the pre-restored photo and see what I mean...

430-41.jpg (40991 bytes)

old430.jpg (23976 bytes)

Another shot of the rebuilt "chrome" look after the 1st engine build.

430chrome2.jpg (47478 bytes)

Here are a couple shots of the interior.  The driver's seat still has a cover on it, and someday I'll get the vinyl replaced.  Note the gauges on the column.  My brother Dave machined a bracket out of aluminum which the gauges mount to, then I hold the bracket to the column with a hose clamp.  There is nowhere else to put them where I can easily see them without contorting myself.  Here's a closeup of the gauges:

gauges1.jpg (40528 bytes)

interior02.jpg (33627 bytes)

A 3 Spoke GS Sport Wheel was  installed in the summer of 2001.  Here is a recent picture, circa 9/13/02:
interior21.jpg (36787 bytes)

In the pictures above and below you can see where I mounted the cassette/head unit.  I modified a surface mount box and mounted it upside down under the dash.   Not too convenient to reach, but with the shape of the dash and the ash tray, there was nowhere else to put it unless I wanted to hack up the dash.  NOT!

interior01.jpg (28472 bytes)

Here is a shot of the trunk.  This is simple indoor/outdoor carpet purchased at Home Depot.  That is a 10 Disk CD Changer mounted there.

Trunk1.jpg (33797 bytes)

Here are a few more from the car show...

bignose4.jpg (28275 bytes)

drvsnose.jpg (23192 bytes)

drvsrear.jpg (23577 bytes)

Here are pictures of my Riviera before I began restification.  Unfortunately, I took no pictures during the restoration process.   I had other things on my mind...

Here is what the engine bay looked like.  Very worn and dirty.

old430.jpg (23976 bytes)

If you look closely you can see that the Bondo on this quarterpanel was just smeared on then painted.  It was never even sanded.  Removing it showed that there was no body line crease left at all.  I fabricated it myself (ya gotta love Bondo).  The driver's side was no better.  Usual rot in the bottom of the quarters required new metal to be welded in.   You can see the cheap, ugly brown enamel paint it was covered with at some point during it's life.  It was so soft it could not be sanded with a disc sander as it would just melt and pill up in little balls.   This is a 5 year job at best.  Eventually I'll strip the whole car and replace the entire quarter panels (available from J.C. Whitney).

badqrtr2.jpg (47816 bytes)

This dent in the hood was a lot worse than it looks due to all the curves and creases.   I'm especially proud of how this turned out.  The bumper and grill were worthless and even the donors had to be restored lovingly.  Using epoxy I was able to replace the broken teeth in the donor grill with the few good teeth from my old one.  You'd never know it if I didn't point it out to you...

hooddent.jpg (19449 bytes)

The nitwit I bought the Riv from had yanked and tossed the original buckets because they were shredded (not knowing they could be reupholstered) and replaced them with these - out of an 80something Riv.  Locating correct buckets proved a daunting task, but I located them at Memory Lane in California.  Get their phone number on my Suppliers page.

oldseats.jpg (20395 bytes)

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